A review of The Time Machine (by H.G. Wells)

I am a huge fan of H.G. Wells, so when I heard about The Time Machine, I immediately started reading it. I was not disappointed. The beginning was a little tedious, mainly because I wanted to get to the action and thriller parts of the book, but all in all, the book was amazing. There was never a dull moment, and I was awestruck about how H.G. Wells was way ahead of his time. He has written so many novels that, in his time, were almost unheard of. I really enjoyed the main character ( who is only referred to as “the Time Traveller”), he’s a very smart and daring character. I also liked Weena, she was interesting in her own way. I won’t say anymore about her, because that would ruin the story.

The novel begins with a narrator who is listening, along with other guests at dinner, to the Time Traveller’s theory about a time machine. he narrator recounts the Traveller’s lecture to his weekly dinner guests that time is simply a fourth dimension, and he has built one, and he tells the guests that he plans to test it, and travel to another time.




The Time Traveller’s time machine miraculously works, and he travels to the time A.D. 802,701, and he meets very unusual people. While he is in the strange place with strange people, he shortly realizes that his time machine has gone missing. He desperately tries to find it, but his searches are fruitless His situation becomes dangerous, for if he can’t find it, he is trapped in the future forever. With the help of a friend, the Time Traveller goes on a hunt to find his time machine.

This novel is science fiction, so if you like H.G. Wells, or Jules Verne, then you’ll love this book. I highly recommend it, it had me wondering what would happen next, and it was spellbinding. H.G. Wells had a very uncommon talent for writing incredible science fiction.


4 thoughts on “A review of The Time Machine (by H.G. Wells)

  1. I thought that this book was so surprising! I had no idea what the plot was before I began reading it, and as with many classic books I finally get around to reading, it had so many strange and out-of-nowhere things in it that I can’t believe were not mentioned to me while someone was recanting the story to me.

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