A review of An Abundance of Katherines (by John Green)

This novel was one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, heart warming, and very entertaining. John Green is the best writer I’ve come across that creates his characters so unique. Colin is an extremely funny, relatable, yet complex character. This novel centers around him, and how he defines himself and the choices he makes. Most of the characters are just as interesting as Colin, but if I had to pick a second character, it would be Hassan, Colin’s friend, who tries to help him with his life decisions.


Seventeen-year-old Colin Singleton, a child prodigy, fears he will not maintain his genius as an adult. Over the span of his life, Colin has dated nineteen girls named Katherine, all spelled in that manner. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Katherine XIX, Colin is longing to feel whole, and longing to matter. He hopes to become a genius by having a “eureka” moment.

After graduating from high school, and before college, Colin’s best and only friend, Hassan Harbish, convinces him to go on a road trip to take his mind off the breakup. Colin goes, hoping to find his “eureka” moment. After driving from Chicago to Tennessee, they visit the supposed resting place of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. There, they meet Lindsey Lee Wells. From there, things get interesting for Colin. He wants to fit in, but at the same time, Colin wants to be different, “unique”as he puts it. As he observes his surroundings, he slowly begins to understand that being “unique” may not be what is truly important.

Even though this is a young adult book, it’s perfect for all readers. I really enjoyed it, it was an interesting story, and it’s one of John Green’s best novels. I’d recommend it to YA fans, John Green fans, and contemporary fiction fans.


2 thoughts on “A review of An Abundance of Katherines (by John Green)

  1. The only John Green I read from beginning to end is Looking for Alaska. It’s kind of weird and I didn’t enjoy very much. Have you read all of his books? I do like laugh out loud books though, so I may add this book to my TBR. Great review!

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    • Yes, I’ve read all of them except one, and I’d say that An Abundance of Katherines is the funniest book! Thanks! He wrote a novel, Let it Snow with two other writers, and that’s the one I haven’t read yet.

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