A review of Emma (by Jane Austen)

I’m usually not into reading Jane Austen books. I know that may sound harsh, but I prefer adventure books, like Tess of the d’Urbervilles, or The Moonstone. I loved this novel, it is a masterpiece, I really enjoyed the story, and loved how Jane Austen created Emma’s world. I would read this book again, that’s how much I like it. Emma is a likeable character, she’s very opinionated, headstrong, witty, and smart. This classic is timeless, and an engrossing read.


Emma Woodhouse is very clever. Too clever. She decides that she is in the “matchmaking” business when her prediction of a friend’s marriage turns out right. From there, things take confusing turns. Emma tries matching her friend, Harriet Smith to Mr. Elton, the local vicar. Mr. Elton does not like Harriet at all, and instead he prefers Emma. Emma then continues to pursue other matches with her friends, and soon Emma has everything wrong. She questions who she likes, and if matchmaking is ideal. There are many plot twists, and the ending is shocking, and Emma never sees it coming.

I loved this book, it’s mostly a comedy, but there are serious elements to the novel. Jane Austen was an exquisite writer, and I’m ashamed to say that this is the only novel of hers that I’ve read. I have seen movie adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park,  and Emma. I recommend this novel to readers who enjoy classics, or comedies.


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