A review of Robinson Crusoe (by Daniel Defoe)

Robinson Crusoe is often credited as marking the beginning of realistic fiction as a literary genre. It’s an incredible novel, it gives a really good glimpse at what life would be like as a castaway. It’s also fascinating watching Robinson Crusoe evolve as a character. He goes through many stages as he’s trapped on an island. He goes through depression, loneliness, and even happiness as he spends years on a deserted island. It’s amazing reading how he makes a life for himself, it’s a very interesting story.


Robinson Crusoe has bad luck. His ship, bound for Brazil, gets shipwrecked, and he’s the only survivor. He goes through many stages, such as loneliness, and happiness. He slowly comes to terms with what’s happened to him, and he starts to make a life for himself. He hunts, and tames animals, and does many other things to stay alive. He also comes across danger. He even sees other human beings and some aren’t welcoming. Robinson Crusoe also gains a friend. He also wonders if he will ever leave the island, and see his family again. And, he makes a decision that will change his life forever.

I highly recommend this novel, it’s a very adventurous book, and it’s a very unique book. It’s one of my favorite classic books, because it’s not just about how he is stuck on the island, many interesting things happen to him, and there’s never a dull moment. It’s a thought-provoking read, it’s a story that is not easily forgotten.


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