A review of The War of the Worlds (by H.G. Wells)

This novel is an incredible read. I was skeptical as to what the plot was, but after I got through the first few chapters, the book was very engrossing. H.G. Wells had a talent for writing unusual science fiction books, and The War of the Worlds was a huge success. There’s lots of adventure, crazy things, and wild imagination in this book. It’s a thriller, and will keep you guessing until the very end. It’s a fast-paced book, and you’ll be curious as to what happens next.


An unusual thing is spotted on Mars late one night in an observatory. There are “explosions” on the planet, and no one knows why. Later a “meteor” lands on Horsell Common, near the unnamed narrator’s home in Woking, Surrey. The narrator is among the first to discover that the object is an artificial cylinder that opens, and that odd beings emerge. The odd beings are Martians, that are described as being “large as a bear”, have large, round “black eyes”, and” V-shaped mouths”. The Aliens did not come to bring peace. They act fast, violently, and terrorize citizens. They wreak havoc. Earth may never be the same again.

This novel is an all-time classic. It’s still the most talked about and most popular science fiction book. When it was first published, the public was amazed that a writer wrote a novel about an alien invasion. H.G. Wells was way ahead of his time, and The War of the Worlds proves it. This is a unique and spell-binding read, it’s an all-time beloved classic.


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