A review of Looking for Alaska (by John Green)

This is  John Green’s debut novel. It quickly soared to become New York Times best-seller, and is still one of the top young adult novels. Looking for Alaska also won the Michael L. Printz Award. After reading book reviews of Looking for Alaska, I knew that I had to read it. What I didn’t anticipate was what a tour de force the novel would be. I immediately was sucked into Pudge’s world, and what his life was like at the Culver Creek Boarding School. The plot was interesting, and John Green did an incredible job with writing the characters. All of the characters are memorable, and most of them are likeable. I loved the story, after reading this novel, I truly became a fan of young adult fiction. It really defined the genre, and it’s not your typical story. There is a major plot twist that really shocked me. It’s a thought-provoking read. Even though this book is categorized as a YA novel, I think that this book offers something for all readers.


Miles Halter is not pleased with his life. He doesn’t have any friends, and he has a boring life. So when his father wants to send him to a boarding school in Alabama, Miles just thinks his life is going to become even more depressing. Miles quickly learns that Culver Creek is not your run-of-the-mill school. He is given a nickname, “Pudge”. by his newfound friends. He realizes that not all the teachers are horrible. He breaks the rules with his friends, and begins liking his new school. There is one particular person who Pudge finds utterly fascinating: Alaska Young. She pulls Pudge into her crazy world, and he doesn’t look back. Then something happens. Something terrible that no one could have predicted. Nothing will ever be the same.

This novel is quirky and hilarious. Pudge is a unique character, and it’s really incredible to see him evolve from a shy and cautious person to a guy who is not afraid to be himself. This book is a spell-binding read, and you will remember it long after you have finished it.


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