A review of The Woman in White (by Wilkie Collins)

I didn’t think I would like this book at all, because I don’t particularly enjoy detective or mystery books. I wasn’t anticipating the intrigue, mystery, and shocking plot twists that were in The Woman in White. I was also surprised to learn from some research I did about this classic that it’s considered the first mystery novel. It really is an adrenaline-rushing book, I know that might sound odd since it’s a classic, but it’s one of my favorite books, that’s how good it is! The characters each had a memorable personality, I still vividly remember them. The plot was incredibly strong, and the story wasn’t predictable. The story had me scrambling to solve the huge mystery, and the ending was a big shocker.


Walter Hartright’s eerie encounter on a moonlit London road leaves him perplexed. He doesn’t have time to piece it together though, because he soon has a new job. He is a drawing teacher to the beautiful Laura Fairlie. He stays at Limmeridge house, and becomes very curious about Sir Percival Glyde and his “charming” friend Count Fosco. Walter doesn’t realize the mess he has gotten himself into, and he is caught in between the mystery of the woman in white and Laura Fairlie. He learns disturbing facts about the Limmeridge household occupants, and is on a quest to save the friends he cares about. If he doesn’t, it’s a matter of life and death, and the person who is responsable will get way.

I highly recommend this novel, it’s a memorable read. You honestly won’t know what will happen next, it’s an engrossing and remarkable classic.


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