A review of What Light (by Jay Asher)

I don’t usually read Christmas books, they just never interest me. What Light piqued my interest because the story was different. It’s not your usual book about Christmas, it’s about second chances, and not judging people based on what you think you know or have heard about them. It’s a sweet story, I’m a huge fan of Jay Asher. If you’ve read his debut novel Thirteen Reasons Why, then you’ll love this heart-warming and inspiring novel. It gave me a new perspective on how I judge people, and not to always believe what you hear.

what light.jpg

Just to clarify, from now on, I’ll add the novel’s review from the jacket of it, and then I’ll add my thoughts. I wanted to change-up my posts a bit. 😉 Enjoy!

What Light

Sierra’s family runs a Christmas tree farm in Oregon—it’s a bucolic setting for a girl to grow up in, except that every year, they pack up and move to California to set up their Christmas tree lot for the season. So Sierra lives two lives: her life in Oregon and her life at Christmas. And leaving one always means missing the other.

Until this particular Christmas, when Sierra meets Caleb, and one life eclipses the other.

By reputation, Caleb is not your perfect guy: years ago, he made an enormous mistake and has been paying for it ever since. But Sierra sees beyond Caleb’s past and becomes determined to help him find forgiveness and, maybe, redemption. As disapproval, misconceptions, and suspicions swirl around them, Caleb and Sierra discover the one thing that transcends all else: true love.

What Light is a love story that’s moving and life-affirming and completely unforgettable.

My thoughts on What Light:

I liked Sierra, she had a confident and bright attitude. She knows that while she misses her friends, she likes coming to California. Sierra doesn’t whine or complain when things aren’t going great, and she understands that this is her family’s livelihood, and she doesn’t mind sacrificing what could be a great Christmas if she and her family stayed home.

Caleb had a nice, warm, and generous personality. Even though he made a huge mistake, he’s trying to make up for it. He has to deal with accusations, and lose people he cares a whole lot about, all because of rumors that warped the true story. He perseveres through the tough times, and learns to trust Sierra.

To sum up:

It’s a great Christmas book. It really defines what Christmas is about, forgiving, helping, and having hope. The characters are sincere, and the plot is solid. What Light is a believable story, it’s not cliché, and it carries a strong message. It’s a YA novel, but don’t let that stop you from reading a book full of surprises and the Christmas spirit.


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