Wishful Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to make my blog more fun, and creative, so this is just one of many things that I want to add to wordly goods. I do have to give credit to other bloggers, because I’ve been seeing posts titled “Top Ten Tuesday” and “Standalone Sunday”, and I really wanted to make something like that, but at the same time not copy.


So I’ve come up with Wishful Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I will post book titles that I want to read, or books that will be released sometime this year. I have plenty of books on my TBR list that I’m anxious to read, so this should be fun!


Sequels coming out this year

Wow, I have been waiting a long time to read some of these books! As the title says, these books are sequels to series, so I won’t spoil anything in case you want to read them.


  • Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass series, book six) by Sarah J. Maas


tower of dawn


This is written by Sarah J. Maas, and the book will be about Chaol. I’m very interested to see if I will like it as much as I have enjoyed the other books in the Throne of Glass series. I’m sure I will, but at the same time, I have never read a book about a character other than the main one, so I’m a little skeptical. I do love the series, so I’m willing to give this book a shot! Tower of Dawn will be released sometime in September. Click on this link for A review of Throne of Glass (by Sarah J. Maas)


  • Midnight Jewel (The Glittering Court series) by Richelle mead


midnight jewel.jpg


Well, I was confused after I read the first book, mostly because it seemed like a stand-alone book. Obviously not, since it’s a trilogy. I do want to read it, because I loved the glittering court. Midnight Jewel will be released on June 27. If you would like to read the review about the Glittering Court, click here: A review of The Glittering Court (by Richelle Mead)


  • Now I Rise (And I Darken series, book two) by Kiersten White


now i rise


I loved And I Darken, there was so much intrigue and romance! Perfect for readers like me who have read Flame in the Mist or Red Queen. I was so excited to find out that Now I Rise will be released on June 27, just like Midnight Jewel!


  • One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns book two) by Kendare Blake


one dark throne.jpg


I was surprised by Three Dark Crowns It was a page tuner, I couldn’t put the book down! It was a little dark, but there were some good and surprising moments. I read somewhere that Kendare Blake was going to make this series a trilogy. Originally, it was a duology. I’m not sure though, because I tried researching it and come up with nothing, so that might have been someone making it up. Anyway, One Dark Throne will be released on September 19.


Have you read any of these series? Let me know how you feel about the sequels! Thanks for reading, see you all soon!


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