Scar Island (by Dan Gemeinhart) Review

As I was browsing my local library's shelves, I came across Scar Island. I enjoy reading YA fiction, and this book really caught my attention, mainly because I had never heard of this author before. This book isn't that thick, maybe 325 pages (I could be wrong, I think it was actually 350) so I thought "Why … Continue reading Scar Island (by Dan Gemeinhart) Review


The Outsiders (by S. E. Hinton) review

I had seen The Outsiders on sites like Barnes & Nobel and Amazon, and I was interested in reading it. It had gotten many good reviews, and received praise when it was released fifty years ago. I had no idea what kind of impact this book would have on me, and now, my whole perspective … Continue reading The Outsiders (by S. E. Hinton) review